Digital Direct Metallization is a new and innovative process that can be used to apply electrical circuits and circuit tracks directly and in-line on the surface of nearly all types of materials, based on digital design data.

Digital Direct Metallization is a professional manufacturing process that is clearly distinguishable from the conventional, wet-chemical manufacturing methods used to produce printed circuit boards. For example, instead of using etching techniques in order to structure circuit tracks, Digital Direct Metallization builds the electrical circuits layer by layer using materials in powder form. A wide variety of metals and ceramic materials are available.

LED lighting

  • Indoor lighting
  • Outddoor lighting
  • Continuous line luminaires and batten luminaires
  • Recessed luminaires
  • Surface-mounted and suspended luminaires
  • Downlights and spotlights

Communication / Antennas

  • Handheld
  • Car Connect
  • Wi-Fi Indoor
  • Wi-Fi Outdoor

Semiconductor / Power Electronics

  • Copper metallization on power devices


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