Digital Direct Metallization (DDM)

You’ll be surprised: Let us show you what Digital Direct Metallization can do and how you can use this technology for your application.

Manufacturing constraints are a thing of the past - DDM technology opens up a world of new design possibilities. Give free rein to your ideas and set yourself apart from your competitors by creating unique selling points.

Digital Direct Metallization has come of age and has reached series production so that it can contribute to reducing costs and improving product sustainability in a wide variety of industrial branches.

The new DDM technology of Plasma Innovations can be used to produce antennas and LED lamps, to connect IGBTs and to substitute bonding wires. Our DDM equipment is capable of applying structured copper layers to ultra-small sensors, contacting high-current applications and metallizing all types of materials. We will show you how versatile Digital Direct Metallization can be and how you can use our DDM systems for your application.


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