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Plasma Innovations GmbH, founded in Austria in 2012, is a pioneer in the field of Digital Direct Metallization (DDM). We focus on research, development and manufacture and offer a large range of modular systems and consumables for the production of LED lamps, PCBs and MID components.

Together with our partners INOCON Technologie GmbH (AT) and Medicoat AG (CH), we can draw on many years of experience in plasma technology, systems engineering and production automation. Our plasma components and automation systems are developed and produced in Austria. Our systems engineering partner Medicoat in Mägenwil (CH), a pioneer company in the field of plasma spraying for medical coatings, provides us with DDM testing facilities, a competent team of researchers and a fully equipped laboratory.

The systems engineering team in Mägenwil plans and designs complete DDM systems and all related components that are customized to the specific needs of each customer application, in keeping with our high quality standard. Based on this combination of experience and innovation, we can offer you products that are geared to the future and tailored to market needs.

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